• The Eastside Union School District bases school attendance on the student’s home address
    (referred to as “school of residence”). If a parent wishes to enroll their child in a different school
    than their school of residence, they must complete one of the transfer processes.

    Who can apply for a Inter or Intra District Transfer?
    All families are eligible to apply for transfer, unless otherwise indicated in the laws.

    How do I complete the transfer process?

    Inter-District transfers (between different school districts):
    Parent/guardians obtain an interdistrict transfer from from the district where they reside (referred
    to as “district of residence”) to request attendance at another district.

    Eastside Union School District families wishing to attend a school outside of our district
    boundaries, can obtain a form from the district office 45006 30th Street East, Lancaster.

    To complete the inter district transfer process (leaving Eastside Union School District), the form
    must be returned to the Eastside Union School District Student Services Office for approval and
    signatures. The completed form will be forwarded to the appropriate school district. That
    district will notify you of the approval or denial of the request.

    The Eastside Union School District welcomes families who wish to transfer and attend one of
    our four elementary schools or middle school. We will notify you of approval or denial by U.S.
    mail and phone within 30 days of receipt of the interdistrict transfer from your district of

    Intra-District transfers (between schools in EUSD)
    Parent/guardians can obtain an intra-district form by visiting the district office at 45006 30th
    Street East, Lancaster. The form must be returned
    for approval by submitting in person to the Student Services office, faxing it to 661-952-1232, or
    emailing to totto@eastsideusd.org.

    For questions or assistance in the transfer process, please contact Tawna Otto, 661.952.1224 / totto@eastsideusd.org

    For additional information visit the CA Department of Education website: