• This division ensures that Special Education services are provided for students whose needs require a specialized program. The work focuses on providing a free and appropriate education to all students in the least restrictive environment through the implementation of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

Director of Special Education and Student Services

  • Mrs. Margo Deal 

Administrative Assistant

  • Mrs. Tawna Otto

  • Students with special needs in Eastside Union SD benefit from a full range of services. Our philosophy is one of inclusion. This means students are "included" in regular education classes to the fullest extent possible. Special education personnel work with regular education teachers to modify curriculum/instruction so a student with special needs can be successful in all educational environments. All schools have Resource Specialists who provide assistance for students in their regular classrooms whenever possible. When student skill levels are such that inclusion is not yet appropriate, they are seen on a pullout basis in the resource room to focus on skill development. There are Special Day Classes for students at the pre-school, kindergarten/first, second-fifth and sixth-eighth grade levels for students who need the support of special education staff for the majority of their school day. We are proud of the services we provide for students with special needs and know our students are experiencing academic and social successes on a daily basis.