About Educational Services

  • The Educational Services department collaborates with the board of trustees, staff, and community members to ensure that our mission “provide inclusive, challenging, and innovative education in a safe, positive, and rigorous learning environment with dynamic and responsive staff, who encourage unparalleled results for students” is a reality for our students. We do this by leading the development, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of rigorous academic learning programs based on the California Common Core Standards and California Content Standards for students in grades TK- 8 and supporting our teachers and staff with high-quality professional development.

    Educational Services includes the following divisions:

    This division supports the implementation of district benchmark assessments and state assessments. The work focuses on ensuring that local assessments are aligned to classroom instruction and provide valid data that can be used to refine our instructional programs.  Further we ensure that all state assessments are implemented on an annual basis and meet all state and federal testing guidelines. 

    Curriculum and Instruction:
    This division supports teachers and administrators to provide a comprehensive, systematic, rigorous and relevant education to all students. The work focuses on the adoption of researched based and state adopted curriculum. We ensure high quality academic programs through a comprehensive professional learning plan that includes district and school leadership teams, culture and climate teams, a curriculum council, and content based professional development. 

    Special Education
    This division ensures that Special Education services are provided for students whose needs require a specialized program. The work focuses on providing a free and appropriate education to all students in the least restrictive environment through the implementation of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

    Student Services
    This division oversees attendance, inter- and intra- district transfers, social emotional learning, and student discipline. The work focuses on establishing equitable procedures and clear communication with staff and community members.

    Special Projects
    This division is currently focused on the development of robust instructional programs for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), English Language Development (ELD), and Title I intervention programs.