• Aeries Online Enrollment allows you to begin the process of enrolling a student for school at your convenience. Information about the student, such as emergency contacts, immunization records, will be collected. Upon completion, the student's information will be electronically sent to the school.

    In order to complete your registration, you will be required to upload the following documents:

    1. Proof of address (one of the following: current utility bill, gas, electricity, or water)
    2. Immunization records
    3. Proof of birth (e.g., birth certificate, passport)
    4. Court documents (e.g. restraining orders), if applicable
    5. Parent/Guardian Identification
    6. Individualized Educational Program (IEP), 504 Plan, if applicable


    After successful enrollment, you will have the option to access some of your information to enroll additional students.

    To enroll new students, please go here.