Letter to Staff from the Superintendent of Schools

  • Dear Eastside Union Staff:

    It is with great pleasure that I have been selected to serve as your next Superintendent. As we begin this journey together, my initial plan is to simply “hit the ground listening and learning”. With that being said, I look forward to meeting with and building an effective governance team with the dedicated Board of Education members. I look forward to meeting and talking with our district office personnel to learn about and build upon the work of current successes of the district and the current systems of support to our school sites. I look forward to visiting our schools to learn from our site staff, students, and parents regarding the great work happening within the District and discuss what we can do together to accelerate student success. I look forward to visiting classrooms to see all the creative, innovative ways our teachers are supporting our students. I look forward to meeting with our union partners and leaders to learn ways in which we can continue to work together to provide the best education possible for our students and the best possible support for our hard-working, dedicated employees. I look forward to meeting with our community leaders to learn about ways in which we can continue to partner together to fulfill our District mission and vision.

    I am so thrilled to get to spend the next phase of a fulfilling career in education with you. I have had the pleasure of being a classroom teacher at the elementary level, an elementary assistant principal for two years, an elementary principal for seven years, and have worked as a Cabinet level administrator over the last four years. As Deputy Chief of Schools for the Fontana Unified School District, I have supervised 24 of the 30 elementary school principals and school sites. A key focus was on leadership development with school and district leaders.

    With nearly twenty years in the profession, I have had the opportunity to work with and for some dynamic leaders. I have used these experiences to help shape a few guiding principles in which I believe can be our foundation of success.

    1. Relationships are key. We are in the people business. Developing positive and productive relationships is a key to the success of any organization.
    2. Connect peers with purpose. A climate and culture that fosters continuous and purposeful peer interaction will build powerful teams across the District in order to achieve our mission and vision.
    3. Build capacity. Investing in the development of individual and collective efficacy will help us accomplish significant outcomes.
    4. Learning is the work. For students and staff alike, our primary goal is learning. All decisions at all levels of the organization must reflect this relentless focus on learning.
    5. Transparency rules. A clear and continuous display of results, and clear and continuous access to effective, innovative practice is a key to our improvement efforts.

    Once again, I just want to reiterate my excitement to be joining the Eastside Union School District team as your Superintendent. Our mission is, “To provide an inclusive, challenging and innovative education in a safe, positive and rigorous learning environment with dynamic and responsive staff, who encourage unparalleled results for students”. I truly believe that together we can achieve these unparalleled results for our students.

    I hope you all have an amazing winter break. See you all in January!

    Dr. Joshua L. Lightle