About Eastside Academy - Transitional Learning Center

  • The Eastside Academy/Transitional Learning Center is a small school setting providing interim educational opportunities for students in Grades TK-8 who have unique behavioral situations that may hinder their abilities in a traditional school environment. This may include:

    • students who have been expelled from their home school
    • students who pose a danger to others students and staff
    • students whose behavior is so disruptive and continuous as  to prevent the teacher from teaching and other students from learning them learning
    • students who have been continuously suspended without effect
    • students who have been referred by probation, students who have been referred by the School Attendance Review Board
    • students who cannot work well in large groups
    • students who have difficulty paying attention to their teachers and/or their school work
    • students who do not feel comfortable among certain teachers or classmates
    • students with other unique situations.

    The goal of the Eastside Academy/Transitional Learning Center is to provide a challenging academic curriculum, develop students’ social skills, improve student behavior, attendance, and academic performance, and return students back to traditional schools.