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Protect Your Family’s Healthcare Coverage: Medicaid and CHIP Renewals are Coming Back


Millions of students run the risk of losing Medicaid and CHIP coverage as regular renewals restart. Since the pandemic’s Public Health Emergency began in March 2020, children and families enrolled in Medicaid have not been required to complete renewal paperwork in order to stay covered. But with this pandemic-era policy ending, students enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP could lose their coverage starting April 1st if they do not submit renewal paperwork on time or if they are no longer eligible and need to transition to another form of coverage.

In order protect their child and their family’s health care coverage, it is important that parents with children on Medicaid act quickly to confirm or update their contact information for every member of their family on Medicaid with the California Department of Health Care Services and provide necessary information to complete their Medicaid and CHIP renewal when notified. Families could be notified about their renewal paperwork at any point this year or early next year. 

If the California Department of Health Care Services does not have correct contact information for a family, parent’s may not receive their renewal notice and their children could lose coverage.

To verify or update contact information, parents should go to the It is also important for parents to open and respond to all mail from Medicaid and CHIP over the next year to avoid losing their health care coverage. 

As regular renewals restart in Medicaid and CHIP, we want to make sure parents have the information they need to protect coverage for their child and other family members. 

To update your contact information or get questions answered about your Medicaid/CHIP coverage, visit


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