• Dear Neighbor,

    Eastside Union School District (EUSD) is one of Antelope Valley’s oldest school districts. A major challenge we face is lack of funding to improve our aging school facilities and outdated classroom technology. Our older schools need to be updated so that they can meet current health and safety codes and include access for students with disabilities.
    Repairs need to be done to our old roofs, plumbing and electrical systems. Our school’s safety and security measures need to be upgraded as well.
    EUSD needs to upgrade classrooms, labs and instructional technology to give Eastside students the opportunity to learn the same skills in science, math and technology as other Antelope Valley students.
    EUSD is considering placing a $23 million local school bond measure on the November 2022 ballot to address these problems. Our District has been a good steward of past bond funds and is close to paying off the District’s existing bond, so a new measure can be approved without increasing current tax rates.

    Wishing you and yours a safe and fun summer.

    Dr. Joshua L. Lightle
    Eastside Union School District Superintendent


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