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Eastside Union School District

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All school volunteers who would like to work directly in the classrooms assisting teachers are required to be fingerprinted. The current fee for this procedure is $47.00. The applicant must pay this fee by cashier’s check or cash at the district office located at 45006 30th Street East, Lancaster. Fingerprint clearance must be received prior to the volunteer starting in-classroom service at the school site. Parent groups are encouraged to organize fundraising events that will pay for any parent who wishes to volunteer in the classrooms.

Once the volunteer has completed 40 hours of documented service as reported by the school administrator, the district will reimburse the fee to either the volunteer who paid the fee or to the parent group that paid the fee. The volunteer must maintain a Volunteer Log (a sample is available at each school site). The Volunteer Log is to be signed by the site administrator. The $47.00 fee is nonrefundable if less than 40 hours of volunteer service is documented.

In addition, all volunteers are required to provide a copy of their most current tuberculosis testing prior to starting their volunteer service at a school site, which must be renewed every 4 years in accordance with EC 49406. Tuberculosis testing is available at several local locations at no cost.

The Governing Board encourages parents/guardians and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge and abilities with students. Volunteer assistance in schools enriches the educational program and contributes to school safety, while strengthening the schools' relationships with the community.

Volunteers must act in accordance with all district policies, regulations and school rules. Volunteers are not allowed to bring preschool age children to school with them during their volunteer time. All volunteers must sign-in in the school office before going to their assignment and sign-out before leaving the campus. At their discretion, employees who supervise volunteers may ask any volunteer who violates school rules to leave the campus. Employees also may confer with the principal or designee regarding any such volunteers. The Director of Student Services and Special Education shall be responsible for investigating and resolving complaints regarding volunteers.