Resource Specialist Program (RSP)

  • The Resource Specialist Program is designed for students with mild disabilities who require instructional support as indicated in their IEP. Students in these programs attend general education classes for the majority of the school day, and receive support from the Resource Specialist and Instructional Assistants within the general education classroom or through a pullout model.

Special Day Class (SDC)

  • Special Education Teachers and Instructional Assistants provide a self-contained special education learning environment for those students who require instructional support and intervention for a majority of the school day. District operated Special Day Classes are available for non-severely handicapped students along with two Special Day Class-TMH for severely handicapped students who reside within the EUSD attendance area. Other severely handicapped Special Day Class programs are serviced through Lancaster School District and Palmdale School District.

Speech/Language Services

  • Itinerant Speech/Language Specialists are available to assist students with oral language development and articulation. Speech and language assessments and speech therapy services are available to identified students with IEP’s, beginning at three years of age.

Other Designated Instruction/Related Services

  • Designated Instruction and Services (DIS) are specialized related services that have been determined by the IEP team to be necessary for the student to benefit from his/her educational program. Besides Speech/Language, adaptive physical education and counseling services, additional DIS/related services such as occupational therapy, visual and hearing-impaired services, and etc. are available for eligible EUSD students through various agencies.

    It is the mission of the Special Education Team to provide excellence and equity in education for, and increase awareness of the strengths and needs of, people with disabilities. It is our mission to collaborate with families, teachers, administrators and the community in sharing knowledge and expertise regarding special education in order to facilitate learning and increase access to the general education core curriculum for all students. In adhering to the guidelines put forth by the State and Federal government, we seek to implement regulations in the intent and spirit of the law in order to meet the needs of all students.